Hwa Fong Rubber


Even before the present day government arrived in Taiwan, Hwa Fong Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. was already in business. Founded in December of 1945, Hwa Fong began specializing in production of all kinds of inner and outer bicycle tubes. As the company grew, Hwa Fong expanded into production of inner and outer tubes for automobiles, agricultural vehicles, recreational vehicles, light trucks, etc. and radial tires.

With its headquarters in Taiwan, Hwa Fong is gradually expanding worldwide, with branch office already in the US, Thailand and Mainland China. In today’s extremely competitive international markets, the firm’s tires have been well received in nearly every market. In the face of the increasing tendency towards internationalization, Hwa Fong is committed to vigorous research and development, as well as continual progress in quality. The company firmly believes this simple strategy is the key to producing a well-recognized brand name and expanding in today’s global market.

As the country grows strong economically, the role in which the rubber industry plays today remains in a formidable position. According to the high numerator chemical compound, it contributes highly to the National Defense Program as well as the society in general.

Over 60 years of manufacturing rubber and tires, we have withstood many challenges and maintains a reputation of reliability and dependability. With the fundamental principles based upon customer satisfactions, and through our enthusiastic Research and Development programs, we have remained a pivotal force in the global market for a long period of time.

However, our strive for excellence is endless and trust is earned through discipline in our growing market. We will continue proceeding in expanding our rubber and tire kingdom to better serve the society.